If not us, who? We began this journey to save the wonderful city we call home in late October. Here is a short list of progress in our first 8 weeks:

  1. We have signed up dozens of volunteers! Want to get involved? We are currently looking for volunteers for outreach, fundraising, events, administrative and marketing, to name a few.
  2. We are building relationships with other likeminded groups, and setting goals, initiatives and ‘asks’ for our city leaders. One for example includes Portland Safety Action Coalition a type of sister group to our coalition. We will be meeting with them monthly as an executive committee.
  3. We have set up weekly Facebook live events, currently Friday at 4pm. This week will be speaking with two small business owners downtown to hear their stories. Here is a link to our Facebook page and Facebook group. Please note to join our group, please register on the front page of this website here.
  4. We have provided written and verbal testimony to City Council successfully postponing voting and swaying a vote of NO, to defund Portland’s police by an additional 18 million dollars.
  5. We have made dozens of appearances in local, national and international news sources as the Coalition to Save Portland.
  6. We launched a petition to city and county leadership demanding action. Please read and support our petition here.

Our goal is to influence the political process and public opinion in Portland to end violence, reduce crime, restore law and order, reverse defunding of the police, end the decay of livability, and bring the community together. Let’s find real solutions to Portland’s challenges and problems. We can solve our social problems and make Portland livable again.

Want to help Save Portland? Join us.