Friday, December 11, 2020
Contact: Gabe Johnson, Director
Phone: 503.575.7586

Coalition To Save Portland Leader Continues Efforts to Assist Dialogue, Build Trust To De-escalate Confrontation At Red House Autonomous Zone

Portland, OR – The Coalition to Save Portland ( released the following statement the violent action taking place at the Red House Autonomous Zone:

“I returned to the Red House Autonomous Zone today to resume assisting all parties communicate and clarify a way to de-escalate the situation there,” said Gabe Johnson, the director of the coalition. “I spoke with two individuals who appeared to be from the indigenous community and told me that they can speak for the family that had been evicted from the home.  They conveyed their wish that they want the protesters to be permitted to depart without arrest from the area if a resolution can be arranged, which, in turn, I passed along to my contacts with the Portland Police Bureau.”

“I also reached out to the real estate developers that legally own the home,” explained Johnson. “I remain hopeful that direct discussions will begin soon between all the parties involved and that violence can be avoided while still resolving the situation.”

“Adding to what I said yesterday, what this situation requires is leadership on both sides of the discussion,” added Johnson. “Hopefully everyone now realizes that Portlanders have had enough of these types of violent confrontations. Now I strongly believe that it is time for all parties involved to coordinate some concrete confidence building steps that both sides can follow so they can stand down from a violent situation and get back to reasoned dialogue that returns the neighborhood to the residents once again.”

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