On December 31, a large riot took place in front of the Justice Center in downtown Portland, signaling that the riots that plagued the city in 2020 will continue in the new year.

Mainstream media reporting left out quite a few details. Luckily, the Coalition to Save Portland has several contacts in the law enforcement community, who shared much more detail than the agenda-driven media:

“Last night was the most violent we have seen since July. I would actually say that last night is up there in the top three for most violent encounters we have had yet. Most serious was someone taking a face full of paint mixed with caustic chemical. Most likely OC [the main ingredient in pepper spray] but we are not exactly sure. Chem burns, blunt trauma, lasers, they even threw f***ing fire hydrant at our guys.  Yes, you read that right…..a fire hydrant.”

This marks the second night in a row that rioters caused significant damage to businesses downtown. On December 30, several dozen rioters smashed windows in over a dozen separate storefronts, and continued to vandalize buildings.

OregonLive reported that 41 windows were busted out at the Standard Insurance building, and replacement costs would be $5,000 each.

If you thought a new president, a new year, or a couple of new city councilors meant the riots would dissipate, you may be in for a rude awakening. Looks like 2021 will be marked by violence in Portland as well, unless someone takes action NOW.

A resident who lives a couple of blocks from the Justice Center took pictures downtown and said, “These were taken about 4 am downtown. I took a short walk through my neighborhood after things quieted down. I’m so tired of being forced to live in this constant fear. My fear comes out as anger. Happy new year from beautiful, prestigious downtown Portland.”

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