Portland, OR – On Wednesday, March 3rd, Portland City Councilor Jo Ann Hardesty was reportedly involved in a hit-and-run accident, has learned from law enforcement sources on the condition of anonymity out of concern for retaliation by Councilor Hardesty. According to Incident Report #2021-57962, police responded to a complaint in which a teacher reported Hardesty rear-ended her vehicle earlier in the evening before driving away. The news was broken first by the Coalition to Save Portland. According to law enforcement sources, Hardesty may have been looking at her phone at the time of the accident.

According to the incident report, Hardesty was traveling in a late-model tan-colored sedan, possibly a Toyota Corolla, when she collided with the rear end of another vehicle. Hardesty failed to remain at the scene of the accident. The owner of the second vehicle was able to make it home and call the non-emergency number to file a report with Portland Police.

“This is just another instance where Hardesty thinks she’s above the law,” said Gabe Johnson, co-founder of the Coalition to Save Portland. “She’s been trying to defund the police and turn Portland into an unlivable, lawless hellhole, and yet again she refuses to take responsibility for her actions.”

Angela Todd, the second co-founder of the Coalition, agreed. “This is the second time in four months Hardesty has had a situation escalate to the point where police were called. This is becoming a pattern, and it’s not the behavior Portlanders expect from their city officials. Of course, we should have expected this after her misadventures with the local chapter of the NAACP.”

The Coalition notes that, prior to her election to Portland City Council, Hardesty ran into trouble as the head of the local chapter of the NAACP, including charges of improper payments and fiscal mismanagement. Hardesty lists her goals on her city website as, “Committed to representing all Portlanders with transparency, accountability, and equality.” The Coalition to Save Portland demands that Jo Ann Hardesty be transparent and accountable while she treats herself as equally under the law as the Portlanders she claims to represent.

The Coalition to Save Portland is an organization of community leaders and regular citizens striving to restore livability, safety, and prosperity to the Rose City by raising awareness, promoting honest dialogue, and advocating for transparent and accountable government with the goal to reverse Portland’s downward slide towards violence, crime, corruption, property destruction, and lawlessness. To join our coalition and help us save our beautiful city, go to www.savepdx.org and get involved For media inquiries to the Coalition to Save Portland, please call 503.575.7586 or email media@SavePDX.org